Golden Charms Care

Our golden charms are made in .925 sterling silver and then dipped in a 24k gold bath to plate them. This means they need a little extra care ♥

This is premium quality jewelry, but chlorine from pool water, hair products, perfumes, and lotions/creams can still affect your jewelry. We recommend to try not to expose your jewelry regularly to these conditions in order to maintain them in perfect condition. 

Our care cloth is perfect for our silver earrings, but it should not be used on our golden earrings as it could scratch or even remove the gold plating over time. 

If you need to replate your charms please contact us at and we'll do it! 

All clients have one complimentary replate, within 6 months of purchase. Any subsequent replate will be a $10.
*In any case return shipping is responsibility of the customer.