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Sneaky Bird

Jewelry Care Cloth

Jewelry Care Cloth

  • BLITZ Jewelry Cloth
  • High Quality for 14k/18k gold and .925 sterling silver
  • Made in USA

To properly care for your piece, we recommend purchasing one of
our specialty polishing cloths. The white side will remove tarnish and the reverse side is used to polish the piece.

Always use care when polishing your piece and avoid using liquid cleaner.

Because of the skin’s natual chemistry and PH levels, some peoples skin may turn green, gray, or black when using sterling silver. This is normal and can be managed by daily polishing for abour 1-2 weeks while using your pice.

We do not recommend to be used on our golden (plated) earrings, charms or bracelet charms as it could scratch or even remove the gold plating over time. View Golden Charms Care.

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